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5 Ways You Can Create Incredible Content from Scratch

5 Ways You Can Create Incredible Content from Scratch

When you have the task of creating most mind-blowing content EVERY DAY, you can get stuck up sometimes.

It’s not just your nemesis; it happens to many content marketers and bloggers at different stages of their careers.

You might wonder how to overcome this and create awesome content from scratch.

No worries.

Fortunately, there are some simple and yet effective ways which you can leverage.

Here are the top 5 ways to create incredible content from scratch:


  1. Curate Content

Curate Content

Let’s say you are stuck up and don’t know where to start.

But don’t you forget, we live in the golden age of information and knowledge. There is always some information or knowledge on the Internet that you can use in any given situation.

Therefore, explore the Internet, devise ways to use already existing content and write about it.

To put it in concrete terms, survey the best websites you frequently visit. Try and identify your favorite post on each of those websites.

All you got to do is conceptualize a post which creatively compiles these blog posts. You can write about each post and why you like it.

You can write about the unique aspects of each post and place each post in the context.

Isn’t it easy?

Get started then!


  1. Ask Friends/Readers for Ideas

Ask Friends Readers for Ideas

When in confusion, all you got to do is “ask”.

In this increasingly connected world, you can get a lot of free inputs and suggestions.

You simply need to voice your query and you will get a lot of ideas from which you can pick and choose.

You can start with your offline friends and online friends for content ideas. You can also discuss it with your blogger friends as they can shed some light on how to go about it. Remember, every blogger has been there!

Better still, you can ask your readers.

Phrase it like this, “What would you like to me to post next about?”

It will sound like you care for your readers although all you are doing is hunting for ideas.

You will get a lot of inputs from your readers too.

In fact, it works better because you will be able to write something more relevant as your readers want to read about it.

So don’t just sit there and wait like that; go ahead and ask your friends/readers!


  1. Best/Worst Case Study

Best Worst Case Study

If you still cannot manage to get started, you can then do the best/worst case study.

What it means is that you can write about a product or company or website and explain what is so amazing about it. This could be your best case study. Write about why it is doing so well.

On the other hand, you can also do the worst case study.

Write about a product or company you do not like. You can write about what you don’t like and why. You can write about its weaknesses or limitations. You can comment on why it is not doing well.

This helps other users understand why something is great and why something is awful. A lot of Google searches are directed towards this.

Don’t you think you can write some awesome posts on these ideas?


  1. Review Something

Review Something

Before users make a purchase decision, they do read a lot of reviews. It could be a film that they want to see or a mobile that they want to buy. It does not matter what it is. They will not make a decision until they read a set of reviews.

Don’t panic; you do not have to write about products you have never seen or used. Start with what you know.

Think of a product that you have seen, used or liked.

It does not require too much of research either. All you got to do is reflect upon your experience and pen down your thoughts on it.

You can write about what is so great about the product. You can comment on the features or specifications you find superior or more user-friendly.

Just explain why you like it and you can also write about what you don’t like about it.

Doesn’t it sound easy?

Get going!


  1. Talk about Your Success/Failure

This one should be easy too.

You can draw the raw material from your life experiences as well.

You can pick some incidents and infer a few insights about them which could be worth reading about for your readers.

Let’s say you did well in something. Take blogging, for example. Go ahead, write about it. Describe it to a T. Talk about your success in detail. How you went about it, what you did right and how you succeeded. You can talk about your lessons of success. You can comment on how these lessons can be useful to others.

On the other hand, you can also write about what went wrong.

Yes, this is also quite important. It helps other people prevent from making some poor decisions.

You can write about something that went awry. You can analyze the incident and share your thoughts on why it went wrong. You can talk about the lessons that you learned in the process. You can also hint at things that others can learn too.

Don’t you think it would be fun to reflect upon your life and write about it?

Parting Note

How to constantly churn out quality content could turn out to be a puzzle.

You could be on your last legs trying to hunt for ideas. But it does not have to be that way. There is no need to get overpowered by it.

You can capitalize on these tips to create incredible content from scratch and avoid getting stuck.

So leverage these 5 ways to create incredible content and steal the show!

Author Bio:

Smith Andrew is a Jr. content writer working with Ranking by SEO. In his corporate life he has written many blogs and articles on SEO, Link building, SMO and many other topics.

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