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6 Powerful Reasons Why Video Marketing Still Matters



The number of videos being uploaded daily on the web is huge. Videos are considered to be one of the most popular expressions on the web and are also expected to account for more than 75-80% of online traffic by 2020.

If you still not aware of the potential behind video marketing, start thinking carefully, as you may be missing out on the huge audience source and be left behind by active competitors who know how to keep up with trends and stand out.

In the past few years, video marketing has grown so rapidly for several reasons. Not only majority of the web users loves to watch videos, but marketers also realized on how much of an edge they can have by producing valuable and engaging videos. Here are the 6 reasons you need to consider video marketing.

1. Google Loves Videos.

I believe Google  will continue to love any type of content that users enjoy and spent more time being engaged with.

You must have noticed the YouTube videos often rank higher search engines and sometimes there are more videos in top 10 search results

Google ranks the videos higher and sometimes reaches the top of the SERPs, which performs the best and have more engaging content in it. Also, in many ways, videos can explain way better than plain text and are more preferred in some specific niches as well. For example:

  • How to Videos (Example, “How to replace a laptop battery?”)
  • Product Displays/Demos (e.g. Rentals, Software Application Demo)
  • Tutorial / Education (e.g. Photoshop, Programming)
  • Fitness and Sports-Related (e.g. Yoga, Gym Exercises)

There can be many more examples and if you search something of these kinds, you’ll find a few videos on search engine results page. Even for some queries, you may find videos ranking on 1st position. When you think about creating a piece of content, make sure you know which niche it would be more helpful.

Also, you can re-purpose your old content or blog posts into videos or any other visuals for further promotions on different sharing platforms.

It is no coincidence that Google put videos in such a high position even for some extremely competitive terms because it  realized how important video marketing can be in future and took YouTube under the Google name in 2006.

2. Social Media Loves Videos As Well

The number of times a video is shared on social media is far more than written content, especially on Facebook with about daily upload of around 8 billion videos. Videos are by far the superior medium of content as compared to other websites, as evidenced by Facebook.

In past few years, we have also seen the emerging social networks that specifically videos such as Snapchat, Where users watch as much as approximately a billion videos a day.

Also, the live streaming features on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram have been grown very rapidly. Videos have also impacted Twitter, as they can support video content as well. Some analysts believe that marketers are impressed by video marketing campaigns on Twitter as compared to any other form of digital advertising.

3. Videos Have High Chances of Being Shared or Even Get Viral

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Digital marketers hope their content will be spread as rapidly as “viruses.” Spreading your content a lot of times in a short period of time can generate thousands of visits to your site daily. Digital marketers dream of making their content go viral and spread as much as possible. Videos that get viral usually receive millions of views in a short period of time and can bring thousands of visitors to your site.

No doubt any form of content have chances to spread quickly but short videos, or any video-related content spreads well and can reach a wide range of audience much faster than just written content. Videos can invoke people’s emotions, such as anger, surprise, fear, joy, admiration, and desire. In addition, funny videos tend to be more successful and viral.

Brands & business can also use the rumors in the community with a clever mind and skills to touch the emotions. A razor company very cleverly released a video:

This video got millions of views, thousands of visitors and customers rapidly. The company was sold later for 1 billion dollars, which proves how video marketing can help a business grow in revenue.

4. Video Helps Improve Conversion Rate

Not only does it allow more people to visit your website, but more importantly, it helps turn those visitors into consumers. Putting a video link in an email can increase the click-through rate by 200-300% and increasing the conversion rate by up to 80% on a landing page.64% of consumers after watching the movie, there will be interested in buying that product. 60% of consumers would be willing to watch the movie for at least two minutes if the video could detail the product to consumers considering buying it.

5. A Single Video Can Be Posted On Multiple Platforms

Unlike the textual contents, videos will not be punished because of duplication. In fact, the more place you publish your videos, the more audience you reach, the more you make people aware of your brand and more visitors to your website.

Just like you post videos on your own website or on social media, you can also upload the videos to different platforms like Vimeo, Dailymotion and other video sharing websites. You can also cut a long video into short clips and put it on platforms like Instagram to share with different users. Adding up any number of shares will bring more eyeballs to your brand.

6. Videos Have Far Better Engagement Rate.

As we know, Google gives importance on how long a user stays on your website before returning to the search results, and this is a direct ranking signal for Google. Lower engagement rate and high bounce rate indicates that your site content isn’t of quality and doesn’t provide the users with what they are looking for. Or if they browse for at least a few minutes it signals the search engine they may have found something useful and content caught their interest.

On average, a user spends 88% more time hanging around a website that contains videos. It’s not just that they stay longer on the website, they are more likely to convert from viewers to the consumers, and also the number of visits to your site affects your ranking in search engines.

Video Marketing Will be in Trend

It’s never too late or never too early to put a video marketing strategy as part of your overall digital marketing effort. Compared to a few years earlier, today’s services costs are far lower and convenient, from design, production to publishing your own marketing videos is not as difficult as it was before. Publishing a well-crafted video not only attract more visitors but also improve the search engine ranking and greatly enhance the value of your brand presence in the network.

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