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6 Ways To Get Google To Index Your Blog Content Faster

6 Ways To Get Google To Index Your Blog Content Faster

Nobody wants to have a blog that does not appear on Google search results. In this article, you will explore and learn key techniques on how to quickly get indexed by Google.

Indexing makes your blog appears on Search engine result pages. If Google does not index your site, it means that your content will not be found on search engine result page and you will get no organic traffic leading to your content.

Google has an extremely large database of indexed sites. In fact, they have double size more than what other search sites like Yahoo and Bing have. Whenever you search for something on Google, it is normally not searching the World Wide Web, it is searching only through its own database of sites previously indexed. The question now comes in, are you in the list of the indexed?

When you submit a page or website to the database of a search engine, users of the search engine will find your website or content. That is what indexing means. Failure of your website or blog to appear on search results means that you will not have organic traffic which is an important factor to build your brands reputation.

Discussed below are 6 most effective techniques to quickly get indexed by Google.


  1. Share New Content On Major Social Networks

Sharing the newest content on most popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is an awesome way to create traffic towards your site. Ensure that the content you post carries relevant information to the demographics who use social media platforms.

This together with making sure that Google has indexed your and allowing popularly known update services access your new content, use of social media platforms is capable of significantly boosting traffic. There are many tools available to help you share your content easily.


  1. Set Up Google Analytics

If you have not started using Google Analytics, you will learn how this great resource can help you know much more about your people visiting your site. Establish from where they originate from, what they were looking for, what pages they take longer time on and more details about your visitors.

Google does not produce an official statement but installing Google analytics is key in providing google with heads-up concerning your newly updated content.

You are required to follow instructions when installing Google Analytics code which is unique to your site. It functions similarly to a tracking device which monitors your site visitor’s behavior and gives you feedback through Google Analytics interface. This information is helpful in making your site more relevant and focused. It can also help you improve your sales and marketing strategies.


  1. Have an Ongoing Content Marketing Strategy

Ensure that your content marketing tactics acknowledge the importance of updating and sharing your content more regularly as well as linked to from other sources. If your site is regularly updated and keeps showing up at the right places, Google will begin to crawl to your site more times. Being listed more quickly anytime you have new content translates to more traffic.

There are many advantages of doing this is one time, however, it is a long-term plan. Following these steps consistently will result in Google indexing your content which is an effective way of getting ahead of your competitors because you will definitely get more traffic to your site.

Even though automated elements will do most of the work for you, using these techniques means you may have to endure a little bit of a learning curve. However, with the time you will become a prowess in using them.

Include them in your marketing plans and keep up at it Google could get happy with your publication trends and perceived authority, this can lead. You to a position where your content gets instant indexing.


  1. More Inbound Links

Search engine bots get you certain sites are naturally crawled into and indexed better than others (normally for popular sites and sites which publish plenty of content faster). If you can manage to earn an inbound link on one of these websites, Google will be exposed to your site more quickly than when the bots had to find it on themselves.

This makes link building essential. You need to be natural and relevant, however, the quicker you can come up with a strategy for inbound linking the better for you. A word of caution is that over optimizing a site can lead to penalization.


  1. XML Sitemap

A sitemap functions like a map for the search engine bots by listing down each page on your site. You can own several unique sitemaps that carry different information if you like. This is something you should update often so that Google find all of your pages without missing any.

After you have created an XML sitemap, you then submit it to your Google Webmaster Tools account in order to assist the bots to get the website as quickly as possible. If you are a user of WordPress, we highly recommend using the Google XML Sitemaps plugin, which creates, updates, and submits your sitemap for you to search engines.


  1. Increase the Website Speed

A website whose web pages’ load speedily is not only advantageous to its users but to Googlebot also. It will crawl quickly and get the content it is searching for to index it. If you have not yet increased the speed of your site, the time to do so is now. You can even be surprised that traffic continues to increase as the users finding it more friendly.


  1. Final Thoughts

You may create great content and post it to your site, like many bloggers, you notice a delay before your blazing post makes its way onto Google’s search results pages. How long it takes depends on the popularity of your site well, it is achievable.

The only sure way to acquire quicker search ratings with your content is by indexing your site on Google. All the above 6 techniques highlighted in this article are all very effective and can assist you index your site speedily on Google.


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Sandeep Mehta

Sandeep Mehta is an SEO Expert having 5+ years of experience. His main aim is to increase online traffic and sales. He always tries to implement unique SEO techniques to reach targeted customers within less period of time.

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