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Free & Premium Tools for Your Digital Marketing

Free & Premium Tools for Your Digital Marketing

Today, we are going to take a whistle-stop tour through all major areas of inbound marketing to identify the tools that will be most useful to you.

These tools will help you maximize your knowledge, save time, and accomplish the necessary tasks as soon as possible, will spare more time for your other priorities.

This list is not complete: of course, there are other tools. What I tried to do, he recommends my personal shortlist of the most powerful and useful tools I use every day.

This is a mix of premium inbound marketing tools and free inbound marketing tools, usually, with each other’s option based on your budget, you may also know about some WordPress marketing tools. So, without further, let’s an exit with our inbound marketing arsenal.

The Research

Is the foundation strategy of any inbound marketing, and your strategy is based on research? Here’s how to do this quickly and easily.

Google Keyword Planner

The Keyword Analysis will help you see how often keywords are searched, and in detail what keywords people are using when searching for your products.

There is nothing more fundamental for inbound marketing, but this free tool ensures that the basic principles are easily available.


LSI Graph is a keyword generator that will allow you to enter a keyword or phrase and will be presented with a large number of suggestions on topics related to that keyword, which are ranked in terms of their popularity online. This makes the scaffold for the entire content strategy, do you want to put a wide net.


BuzzSumo comes from the same direction in the same direction. Instead of determining which field you want to work in, you can go where traffic flows in advance.

BuzzSumo helps you identify trending content according to the wide range of filters.

If you want to see what’s going on, what’s the most popular on a competitive website, who are your most influential people, look forward then. One of the most valuable tools you get.

Content marketing

If the research is the foundation, then the material is bricks and mortar. If you are interested in advancing the rabbit hole, then we have covered the content marketing in detail here, but it has been highlighted here.


This is not a banner. WordPress is the most powerful, flexible CMS platform there. Moreover, it comes with the biggest plugin support for any platform, which allows you to install any plugin, learning to learn without any code.

Even better, the theme allows you to create the amazing design around your content. Pro Tip: To Find a theme with Visual Composer so as to make it as easy as you may be possible.


Cum schedule is a WordPress editorial calendar. This means that you can create a schedule for your content marketing, which includes your blogs and social media. You can assign specific teams to your team members, who can report when reported.

And all this from inside WordPress If you want, you can also log in to your web-based app. This will save you to keep all the spinning spots in your head and will give you a clear structure for your strategy.


If you are more of a visual person than a schedule person, and there are lots of us, Trello is the project management tool for you. This allows you to create lists, decks, and cards that allow you to talk more richly with your workflow.

You can still manage which phase is working and it is looking at what level it is at, but in a more wrong way that will help you to get motivated to work till the end. They provide a calendar power-up that enables you to create an editorial calendar similar to the co-schedule.

It really depends on you whether you want the convenience of an integrated system or has been rewarded for using any purpose.

Search engine optimization

A tree falls in the forest and no one is to hear it: Does this sound?

Guess, it does not matter! Nobody heard it! Search engine optimization is the thing that will help people who love hearing trees fall to find them. It connects you with your audience.

These tools will help you do better, faster.

SEOPressor Connect

SEO Translator is an in-in-one plugin for WordPress that enables you to view your content how Google sees it. Using algorithms created by analyzing over 3 billion rows of data, it helps you optimize your on-page content while you type.

You can customize three different keywords in one piece of content so that you can be given Page Analytics.


Remember it? it’s back! At the same time, when you are on the initial block, you help in motivating you, LSIGRF is also providing useful LSI (basically related) keywords.

In these SEO scores and detail, any pieces of the material


For hardcore professionals, socks provide a valuable premium platform that starts from $ 95 per month and goes up to $ 500.

For this, the stocking covers the off-page SEO aspect of your website, as well as provides campaign and keyword solutions.

Given the expenditure, this is an industrial scale solution, but there is a strength for that bracket.

Social publishing

Social media is a great forum to connect with another invaluable viewer generator and audience and create a conversation around your content.

In return, this means that people invest energy in your material, which builds faith, loyalty, and authority.

In essence, you have to take your content on social media. We have covered these tools in detail here, but here are the top two.

Jetpack promotion

JetPack is a free, versatile WordPress plugin, which provides you with traffic analysis and audience insights. This promoted feature is free and especially useful for publishing your blog post automatically to your social media accounts.

It saves you both time and mental ability when receiving your content from sharers of the world.


Hootsuite is a social media management tool that brings all your social accounts to a dashboard. In this way, you can post the same content on multiple outlets simultaneously.

Even better, you can schedule content, so you can write a series of updates and post them at specific times or intervals.

Continuous content delivered on time Gold.

Lead Generation and Email Marketing

Whenever you want, advertising marketing opens a direct connection between you and your audience.

It requires abstinence to effectively use electricity needs, but it also requires a customer list. Here’s how to solve it quickly and painlessly.


Avar offers you an email marketing platform that can potentially store unlimited email clients, while you enable them to be emailed at one time.

Or you can split them into different lists for different uses and create targeted emails to different groups – especially useful for A / B testing and more.

It also creates a membership form for your website.


MailChimp provides an easy way to manage email campaigns and customer lists, with a simple email composer which allows you to create more attractive ways to express your message.

Its goal is to be simple, clean and free until you reach a certain customer capacity, through which you want to pay for premium facilities. Ideal for beginners.

Leading by Handspot

This is a great way to add subscription forms to pop-ups as well as add many other strategic placements, which are designed to increase all sign-up rates.

Since it handles sign-ups, it can also give you detailed tracked analysis so that you can see how you are doing on your goals.


Knowledge is power, and analysis catches keys for knowledge.

Whatever you are doing at every level, it needs to be tracked so that you can understand what is working and what not, as well as finding clues that what you can do better.

Google Analytics

I’m sure you’ve heard about it. If you have such a site, this is a solution to track every aspect of your website, including traffic, sources, conversions and even purchases.

If you are not registered with Google Analytics, then visit it immediately. By the time you do not do this, you are basically firing the darkness.


Social Metrics Pro lets you understand the extra-modern juice when it comes to understanding the modern concept: virility. It engages social content and your content while referring it against your previous performance and other posts in the field.

All-in-one solution

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Software

If this list is tremendous and now you want to fit many tools in your predecibel belt, then there is a slight dizziness, so do not feel very scary yet!

For one price, Hubspot can provide you with an in-in-one solution that will cover every step of the way.

From content creation and optimization, sales funnels, email marketing, analysis and more. A professional solution for businesses that require an integrated system.

Locked and Loaded

You understand what is inbound marketing. You have a plan to optimize your inbound marketing strategy. You have the tools you need to take those tasks and implement your inbound marketing methods. But still, important parts are missing.

Author Bio

Avani Shah is a Marketing Manager at TemplateTrip. She is a resident of India. Avani is also experienced in Prestashop Responsive Themes, WordPress E-commerce Themes, Grocery Store Theme. She also likes to share her thoughts, on SEO, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Development.

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