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How do you Improve User Experience of a Website? How Can it Increase Traffic?

How do you Improve User Experience of a Website?

For search engine optimization, we generally give stress on web marketing through various link building activities. Well, all these things are important, but they will not be proven effective until you pursue other means of search engine optimization. The central part of your SEO campaign is definitely your website, and there is absolutely no second opinion from the experts in this matter.

You need to work on your site more, in case if you do not find an effective result from your SEO campaign. You need to make all possible arrangements to make the website more search engine friendly. For that, you can try different techniques.

Overall, the process to make a website search engine friendly can be regarded as the process of fetching more organic visitors. A visitor friendly website will automatically become search engine friendly. This is the most crucial thing that you need to keep in mind. So, your constant effort should be giving better user experience to the website visitors. As a result, your website will start doing amazingly well in terms of the SEO ranking.

For enhancement of the user experience, different people suggest different things. Some people may suggest you make the website hosted on cutting edge web hosting server. This will enhance the loading speed, and that would result in a better user experience.

On the other hand, some people would suggest opting for responsive website design for better user experience, especially for the users or visitors who visit your website through mobile or Smartphone devices. However, all these things are more or less known to the website visitors these days. So, here are some simple yet exceptional tips which are not well-known to make a website more user-friendly. Following these tips will help to enhance the user experience, and that would result in better organic traffic reach.

  1. Removing the Features That Hide Content

You need to remove all the features that hide content on your website. For example, you have added some images, which have not been properly trimmed on the web layout. The image can actually hide some of the parts of the text content of your website. Not just images, but the backgrounds can often prove to be disturbing for the users. Using a similar color tone for the background and foreground text of the website could cause difficulty in reading the text.

As a result, user experience deteriorates. People do not like to read things on your website, and that leads to a missed opportunity to get into business bonding with the website traffic.

Another reason for disruption in reading the content of the website is an advertisement. Sometimes, website owners create popup advertisements. They are quite daunting if they automatically start popping up after certain time intervals or randomly. Turning off such a popup advertisement can help the websites immensely. It will enhance the user experience, and at the same time, it will get more organic traffic.

People would care about reading the website content, and there the businesses have the chance to convert the visitors into the buyers. Overall, it will also improve the performance of the SEO campaign. For SEO campaign management and creative SEO planning, you can get in touch with a professional service provider like Craig Tuttle Marketing NYC.

  1. Promote the FAQ Section

Adding the FAQ section to the website actually enhances user experience. Make sure that this section is poised with rich as well as informative contents. The FAQ section is meant to deliver crucial information to web visitors. It is not a promotional part of the website. It is only an informative part, though it is important to promote the whole FAQ section of the website. You need to encourage people or website visitors to go through your FAQ section. It helps to understand the crucial aspects of the business and its services.

People may have a lot of confusions regarding the services or products that your business offers. They may want to understand company policies on various aspects. For a clear knowledge on these things, FAQ section should be recommended to be read to the web visitors. As long as they read the FAQ section, they shall come to know different aspects of your business.

Eventually, it will help them to find confidence in establishing business relation with your company. This is why adding an FAQ section to the website also helps the overall SEO campaign performance for that website.

  1. Improve Content Quality

Quality of the content is the most important thing for a website. It would be fine if you have an average looking website and high-quality website content. It will be absolutely fine if your website is not poised with a lot of contemporary features, as long as it possesses good quality content. Quality of the content can be improved through different measures. The first step is to review the content time after time. After a certain time, you may find that some part of the website content has lost relevance. Such content should be removed, and new content must be added.

The content has to be reviewed in a systematic approach. Make sure that you focus on the spelling and grammar of the content, along with its context or relevance. Moreover, content sometimes needs rearrangement. Your present content could be informative, but not interactive enough. For interactivity, it needs bullets, subheads, etc.

All these crucial details will help the content to become more seamless. It makes the content more readable, and thus user experience enhances automatically.


At the conclusion note, it needs to be stated that a website needs different treatments at different stages so that it can become more user-friendly. With the advent of time, we find new trends in SEO or internet marketing and website designing. Embracing the things that trending will help you to find an edge on your competitors.

Nevertheless, it makes the website to appear more satisfying for the website visitors. In order to enhance the organic reach of the website, constant effort is needed. Various kinds of plans, tips and tricks should be followed for achieving the right user experience (UX) level.

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