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How to Craft a Sales Pitch for Your SEO Services?

In the digital marketing industry, closing a deal with an SEO client means doing a good amount of research about his business, getting him in front, and offering your SEO services to him. Because let’s be honest, in the real world great customers don’t just walk up to you and ask you to provide your services to them.

There are two kinds of salespeople in this world. One who waits for customers to come to them and respond to customer inquiries (referred to as “reactive”); others who go out and take initiative to bring new clients (referred to as “proactive”).

Now, picture this: While prospecting online, you see your potential client, perfectly matching with your ideal client profile. So, in this case, would you wait for him to call the shots, or would you rather take the initiative?

Of course, you’d take the initiative. Taking initiative means taking actions proactively (it means taking actions even before you’re told or asked). And in sales, if you fail to be proactive it could result in losing the best opportunity that was right in front of you, knocking on the door.

This is why in this article, we’ll learn how to sell your SEO services proactively. Let’s start.

Example 1: Pitching Your SEO Services to a Zumba Studio (Wrong Approach)

You call up Mr. Mike, and after a quick intro, you dive into your sales pitch full of confidence.

Salesperson: “Hey Mike, I found your business through [name of the source] and I would like to discuss how our company’s SEO services can benefit your business. So, would you be interested in hearing more?”

Mr. Mike: “Umm, no I don’t think we need any SEO services.”

Salesperson: “Yeah but, you’ll have a 20-50% boost in traffic and leads with our SEO services. Are you interested in that?”

Mr. Mike: “No, I don’t think we’re interested in that.”

Salesperson: “Yeah but what if we help you increase your Return on Investment?”

And just like that, the salesperson goes on and on with no clear strategy, with no understanding about where to go and what to do next. It’s like throwing darts aimlessly.

Any successful cold calling script requires 3 things:

  1. A detailed homework about your client

  2. A well-thought-out process

  3. A straight-headed attitude- because you’ll get to hear a lot of “no.”

How to Work for “YES”?

Kids are really good at getting the right information. We are all familiar with every 5-6 years old kid’s favorite word- “why”, right? They say it like a thousand times a day. That’s called digging.

And that’s exactly what you need to do – ask questions. If you’ve got someone on the phone you’ve got to ask as many questions as you can. There’s no limit as such until you lead the conversation in a direction where you can smoothly introduce your SEO solutions.

Example 2: Pitching Your SEO Services to a Zumba Studio (Right Approach)

You call up Mr. Mike and after a quick intro, start the conversation like this,

Salesperson: ” Hey Mr. Mike what is the biggest challenge that you are currently facing with your Zumba studio, especially while managing, members, revenue, marketing budget?

Now, whatever they’ll tell you, it’s going to be the highest-level thing, because they’ll never really get down to the root of what they really care about.

Mr. Mike: ” Well, members. It’s a big deal figuring out the ways to increase the number of members.”

Salesperson: “Okay, so increasing the number of members to your business is the one big challenge for you right now.”

Mr. Mike: “Yes”

So is this the time to pitch your solution? Nooooo!!! Keep the conversation going.

Salesperson: ” Okay, So Mr. Mike, tell me how long you’ve in the business and how many members you’ve gained till now, and is there anyone who runs it with you, or is it just you?”

This question is really important to examine their growth rate and also to find out if they’re the owner. Because you want to do the sales pitch to the right decision-maker and not to the marketing manager.

Mr. Mike: “Well, we’ve been in the business since 2019, have about 200+ members and yeah I run the studio with one of my partners”

Another valuable piece of information. You just found out that there is one more decision-maker in the business and of course you want that other person in the same room because you don’t want to sell to half of the decision-making team. So again, keep the conversation going.

Salesperson: “Wow 200+ members, that’s pretty amazing. So how did you manage to gain these many members till now?”

Now you’ll get probably the most common answer.

Mr. Mike: “By word of mouth”

Now after this answer here comes the most important question to get the ball smoothly in your court.

Salesperson: ” Cool, that means you are really good at what you do, it’s just right now, as you said increasing the number of members to your business is the one big challenge for you. So, have you done anything to help you increase the number of members? Or if not are you considering anything that you think you should be doing?”

Now, you can expect two types of answers

Mr. Mike: “Yes we are currently printing Ads” Or “No we didn’t do anything as such but I think effective advertising would really help”

Now, this is the information that’ll put you in a good position to offer your SEO solution. But again, instead of directly offering your SEO services, test them.

Salesperson: “Okay Mr. Mike so if I told you that we have a better way to advertise the business that can drive far better results for you than printing Ads. Because what you’re looking for is exactly what we do. In fact, I would like to show you how we can help you with your problem. Would you be interested in hearing more?

Mr. Mike: “Yes that would be interesting”

Now you have a clear target and you’ve come to a position where you can make that pitch but again it’s a “NO.” That’s not what you’re going to do on this call, because you can’t really make a sale on a cold call but you can make sure that whenever your client decides to implement SEO services you would be the first person to come to their minds.

That’s why remember, the point of your call is not to sell your service but get an appointment so that you can educate them IN PERSON.

So go ahead and quickly set up an in-person meeting or a Zoom call meeting with the client so that you can get them in front and skyrocket your chances of closing the deal. In-person or Zoom meetings encourage you to share your strategy, explain it clearly, and respond honestly to questions. Direct communication with decision-makers enhances trust and future communication. And that is something important because, in the end, customers buy from people they trust.

How to Give the Best SEO Sales Pitch Presentation?

The sales pitch opens the door that’ll get your client to the SEO Proposal. And to deliver the best SEO sales pitch presentation, the only thing you need to make sure is that your SEO pitch continues to focus on the client’s problems rather than offering them a packaged method. Let’s see how to get that done.

1. Customer Situation Analysis

This section of the SEO sales pitch will address the state of the current model. And this analysis can be presented with the help of SWOT [Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats]. You’ll present everything working in their current plan, the problems, and issues with their current approach, areas where they are strong, and can help them grow and the areas where they need to invest more time and effort (where their competitors are beating them). This will convince them more that you understand their problem.

2. Propose a Solution

Directly state how your solutions will solve the problems and concerns found in the situation analysis. This way you can address the pain points that your service can relieve. You can tell them that by implementing your tactics they can improve their online exposure on multiple platforms throughout the web (i.e search engines, local directories, social media, etc). But while doing so, just remember that the sales pitch is all about giving a big idea and not the declaration of details.

3. Don’t Get Too Technical

The more technical you get, the more likely they’ll be confused. When people are confused they don’t become customers. When pitching customers you simply tell them what they need and want to know. Trying to look smart by using complex words and technical language is not going to help you win the deal.

4. Don’t Lose Sight of the Goal

You’ve held this meeting to make sales right? Of course. So why would you waste your time chit-chatting on random topics with your potential customer? So make sure you’re keeping track of time to get your message as quickly as possible because people have a very short attention span. If you have spare time after that, you can discuss common interests with your prospects to create a connection but this should be done only after you get your major points down and get the person on the hook.

5. Move Them to Actions

The final tip for the winning sales pitch is a clear call to action. Because obviously, you can’t expect the buyers to move forward on their own. Tell them exactly what to do next to get your offer. What they can expect to happen and how excited you are to be able to help them.

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