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Paid vs. Organic Social Media Marketing: Why You Need Both

6:32 am in Social Media, Uncategorized by Sean Si

The world of social media might as well be called the last digital frontier when it comes to customer engagement. It combines personalization, emotions, engagement, advertising and sales, all into a neat package that allows an outstanding level of bonding between brands and its audience.

Precisely for these and many other reasons, modern brands use social networks as the key digital platforms to engage with their customers and hopefully win over their loyalty. Still, despite all the knowledge we have on social media behavior, brands are often torn between investing in paid marketing efforts or inspiring organic results.

Some will stick to the paid strategy predominantly because they strongly believe that money makes the world go ‘round, and rightfully so, but they’ll still deal with all sorts of issues because in the social circles, even the digital ones, money isn’t always the answer.

Then again, other brands will rely solely on their creativity and try to woo their customers with witty, authentic posts, without ever putting in a dime into paid ads. Those who strike a balance between the two will come out with the greatest perks, and here are a few ways to achieve that.

Tip the scales towards personality

When you focus only on paid ads, you will elicit emotions, but they’ll less likely be positive and more likely somewhere along the lines of agitation or hostility. Why? Because paid ads that flood your newsfeed are rarely informative and too often intrusive. On the other hand, if you manage to utilize ad when you truly need them and focus on producing social content that revolves around your brand’s personality, you can inspire more positive reactions and engagement.

After all, social networks are dynamic platforms where regular posts, comments, shares, and other reactions create and reinforce your brand’s authentic qualities, especially the ones you cannot bring to life on your website. The same applies to your ads, since they are a selling tool, and social networks rely on fostering an emotional bond between you and your audience.

Know which content to promote

Branded, unique content is the lifeblood of your brand. It lets you focus on relevant topics, give advice to your readers, and entertain them on a regular basis. Content is what inspires your customers to not just give you a chance, to begin with, but to come back for more. However, disseminating your content organically has its limitations. Certain pieces need that extra push in the form of sponsored posting in order to get the views they need to make an impact.

If you ask any reliable digital marketing company and their experts, you’ll learn that you need to pinpoint the content that needs to be promoted through ads on social networks and leave the rest to organic reach. For starters, learn what kind of content your audience likes, whether they prefer video, infographics, blog posts, long-form writing, animations, or a combination of these and other formats. Then you can determine which formats allow you to promote most effectively and how to maximize your exposure to the right people through content diversification.

Cover trendy topics to stay relevant

Hashtags are the personification of what trends can do and how they can bring more visibility and ultimately more profit to brands of all kinds. Some brands, especially the ones with long-standing customers and tradition have even started creating their own hashtags to provide them with that “viral” effect. Others need to remain informed enough or join existing movements, in order to utilize the tide of that growing social popularity.

This is a perfect way to stay visible across a range of platforms for your target audience, without pouring insane amounts of cash into an ad campaign. Missing out on trends on social networks cannot be compensated for the dollars you’ll earn through ads you run during those temporary windows of opportunity. Follow trends, stay informed, and your brand can monetize on visibility and relevance more than any ad can ever offer.

Targeting still matters

On a different note, organic posts lack the precision you sometimes need to get your point across on social networks. Enter: targeted campaigns. While targeting does require funds, each social platform comes with its own set of analytics tools that you can utilize to your benefit and fuel your paid efforts. This is one of the finest examples of how organic results can show you where to allocate your funds based on your existing social reach and impact.

With that information, you can use paid posts to announce a new product line or a unique service, a website update, a special promotion on a product that has received plenty of attention recently, generate qualified leads for your brand and grow your email lists. Targeting will get your ads in front of the right people every time so that you don’t have to worry about “hit and miss” mixed results of your campaigns.

Time is of the essence

A common ground for both paid and organic social efforts, timing is a very fickle creature in the social media world. You always need to monitor your audience’s behavior, adapt to their changing needs, and make sure that your social content can easily be found not just on the right platform and in front of the right people, but also during the peak times of their social scrolling.

Run your campaigns and schedule the rest of your content based on the data you receive from your platforms. Facebook, as well as other networks, have their own scheduling features that make it simpler for your content managers, and they’ll also provide invaluable feedback on how each piece of paid or unpaid content is received at different times.

Key Takeaway

Ultimately, social networks will always evolve in such a way to suit the user and benefit the brands. Make sure to stay in the know, strike that fine balance between these two social options, and you’ll give your brand all it needs to garner the right level of awareness in order to outgrow its competitors.

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