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Powerful AdWords Ad Copy: 5 Tips How To Write It


As a business owner, you need to attract more customers to increase your sales. There are several strategies that businesses can use to attract more potential clients. One of these strategies is creating powerful AdWords ad. It does not matter which type of ad you want to create, the most important point is your ad should grab potential customer attention and generate the desired emotional response in order to urge them to take action.


Write an AdWords Ad

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Make a customer trust you

To effectively reach out to more potential customers, the text ad needs to be relevant, specific, empowering, and attractive. When coming up with Ads, it is important to remember that trust is the key element. Creating an effective ad is not about words – it requires trust factors like detailed copy and an appropriate tone. Being specific means using keywords in the ad for customers to recognize the type of service your company offers. The ad should end by calling for action by telling the search user what they are supposed to do.

For example, if the company deals with furniture within a specific region, you can start creating your ad by following this outline:

  • The headline – Texas furniture comfort.
  • The first description line – licensed and insured. Since 2001.
  • The second description line – Call now for additional information about the latest offers.
  • Display the URL link –


Be different

When coming up with an ad, present a single but clear objective and make sure to differentiate your company by stating why you are different from others. For example, you can state that you offer a unique customer experience, or you offer the fastest delivery, or you produce one of the highest quality products in the market. A good ad should have a powerful headline since it is the one that captures the interest of the target audience. The ad should create an emotional response by using words that make customers feel loved, desire, and feel in control. Potential customers would want to know if they are getting the best and their interests are catered for.


Expand your ad

To maximize the text ad performance, it is important to select an extension that responds to individual search on Google. A good extension should be relevant to your business ideas or services offered. Extension helps expand your ad – providing people with genuine reasons to choose your business. Your ad needs to focus on the benefits of your products or services to attract more customers. In addition, another essential factor that you should take into consideration is establishing trust with your buyers. The ads need to present credibility and use truthful and original statements – these entails your name, contact details, and testimonials of satisfied clients.


Add proof

It is important to show the benefits of your products and services by offering proof. Review extensions clearly show search users the benefits of the products or services being advertised. It provides a valid proof by showing a link to the third party review of the business that will ultimately lead to a powerful impact when displayed in the middle of your AdWords. One of the essential points that you must consider includes providing a direct quote or a summary of the key point of the review. The third-party website should be reputable – it must include a good review about the whole business, not the specific products. Moreover, the ad should present a recent review that is not more than 12 months old.

Write an AdWords Ad

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Use the right words

Extension formats include additional links, additional text, more details about the business location, and a call button. Additional content on your ad will ultimately provide your ad with more visibility on the search results page, hence, you get more value. Ad extension improves not only your visibility, but also offer interactive processes of communicating with customers. Apart from using ad extension, you can add phrases and words that will enhance trust among customers, and below are some of the key points to keep in mind when coming up with a writing ad copy. The first consideration is the choice of words. Use powerful words that make people think and change their perspective to motivate them to action. This is why the choice of words needs to be the best since it enhances trust. Companies and businesses like Bullas have discovered that it is all about trustability. Specific words and phrases can help to enhance trust. For example, one short sentence at the end can increase the level of trust. It’s about using phrases like “researchers found that”.


Show benefits

Showing benefits means presenting proof that the customer’s needs will be catered for. For example, most people value privacy, therefore, assuring customers that their personal details will be safe by providing additional content about the privacy policy will build trust among the potential customers. When a company informs its customers that they will protect their privacy, most customers will feel comfortable. The fact that the headline has informed customers that the company has been insured since 2001 makes it more credible and reliable. It is important to show search users that your company has a great reputation by showing an informative website with positive reviews and excellent customer experience. Lastly, make sure that your ad is searchable and viewable in order to make search users take action.


Key Takeaway

Trust is the key element in producing a good AdWords ad. however, trust cannot be built on using simple words – it is about producing irresistible ads that will motivate the target groups to take action by using words that generate emotions. A good ad means presenting detailed information, being truthful, displaying an authoritative tone, and having a good reputation. Producing a good ad will not only attract more customers and generate extra sales, but it will also help the company maintain its online presence for a long time.

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