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All-inclusive SEO Audit Checklist 2018

All-inclusive SEO Audit Checklist 2018

If you ignore SEO of your website, it is quite possible that people will remain unaware of your presence. Today, the field has become increasingly complicated, and in order to rank your website, you need to have detail knowledge on various related subjects. In this post, we are going to cover the major checklist of SEO in 2018, which will help you to get your site ranked on the first page of search engines easily.

With so many websites coming up every day it is challenging to handle the first position on popular search engines. But with the help of this SEO checklist, am sure you will manage to bag a good position. Let’s start without much ado!

Keyword research

You need to understand as well as cover the phrases and words that are mostly used by searchers to get answers to the questions they are looking for. You should use keywords in such a way that they should not appear like being forcefully inserted in the contents.

Keyword research

You need to use a set of primary keyword along with related secondary keywords, which share the intent of the searchers. The set of keywords can be used as the target for optimization purpose.

Accessible – Crawlable URLs

So if you want the Googlebot’s spider to visit your page, then you need to insert the texts into your content in a readable format. At the same time, also make sure that you add the images, visuals, and videos on the page in such a way that the Googlebot’s spider can put them into their web index. This is really essential because without it the other stuff will not matter anything.

Create content that meets the needs of the searcher

You need to make sure that you serve the goal of the searches so that they can visit your page again and again when required. You need to ensure that you can do it better than anyone else so that you can get the first rank on Google. Also, remember if you anyhow manage to get the first position on Google without giving the best results, Still Over the time Google will realize and ensure that the other people who are providing useful services can get their website ranked at the top position instead of yours.

Create content that meets the needs of the searcher

Now Google prefers quality over quantity, and so it is essential that you use high-quality content for your site instead of focusing on the number of contents your posting per day.

Publish Meta tags, titles, and descriptions

It is true that Google does not make use of Meta tags frequently. But at times the actual Meta tags are used from the given pages. The descriptions are also used in snippets and other places. Sometimes, even Google truncates those as well. But it is a fact that snippet is quite useful when it comes to SEO as it actually determines how it will display in the search result. In fact, the way Google will display your site and results also matter a lot in determining whether individuals will click on your listing or move to other options. Hire the services of Pro Chrome Media Marketing to ensure the success of your website.

Hopefully, the above-shared tips will help you to reach your goal and create a successful SEO campaign.

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