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  by Lucy Jones |

Three Online Reputation Mistakes Every Brand Should Avoid

Simply put, online reputation management indicates enhancing, securing and cleaning up the facts that people find about your company online. It is a complex process and takes time to accomplish its goal. Algorithm updates, negative reviews and unimportant news are part of this course. Controlling all these hurdles is difficult. However, businesses that want to own a clean online presence at times have some critical mistakes to tackle. If these errors don’t get remedied promptly, it might result in long-term adverse effects.

Is your company witnessing any such trap? If yes, then you need to reach out to an ace SEO company or any other service provider that offers online reputation management solutions. You can browse through Keyword Fyrebird Philadelphia SEO services as you are searching online. Also, while you seek professional help, you can also try to minimize the common mistakes that most entrepreneurs and companies make. Discussed below are four such errors.

When you unreserved profiles and keep unclaimed listings

Want to know one of the best ways to manage the first impression of your brand online? It’s to claim as well as update all the business data on Yelp, Google and other similar platforms. Such listings usually pop up first on Google search. Also, customers are aware that they have the scope to browse these platforms to get business data, such as company address and contact details.

Surprisingly, the majority of business owners still don’t leverage these platforms. Based on a 2017 study, approximately 56% of local retailers didn’t claim the “Google My Business” listings. And about 66% of the retailers kept Yelp at the backseat. Customers, for whom the local listings are significant, will miss out on your online presence this way.

Hence, it is essential for online businesses and other brands to make the most of the local listings and also their social media profiles.  If you create a social media profile for your brand and not use it for a long time, chances are it will be taken up by someone and be used for purposes, other than online brand promotion. And this can affect your online reputation as well.

Try not to ignore any social media alerts

How do brands today come to know about a customer request, query or complaint? The times of a phone call or email are gone. Today, over 60% of the customers resort to social media to share their views. Hence, listening to your consumers’ online and paying attention to each view is essential. It helps in enhancing your overall brand reputation. You come across as a brand that listens to its customers and takes of their perspectives and thoughts as well. Hence, it’s not a smart call to look over the social media notifications.

Brands that have a habit of overlooking the consumer complaints and views on social media might end up losing their online audience forever. It might be challenging for them to get back their lost audience. When a customer shares a complaint and is not acknowledged, he/she develops a negative view of the brand and gradually stops to shop from the brand. One of the best things brands and online businesses can do is to schedule their posts making use of advanced automation tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer.

It can be instrumental, but you need to realize that social media is a two-way street. You need to respond to the customer notifications and reply to their questions, address their concerns and provide clarifications as and when required.  It will help you to add to your online reputation and enhance it manifold.

You should never completely forget about the online reviews

Before we delve deep into this aspect, go ahead and imagine this! Yours is a new online business, and you depend extensively on your online marketing plan. You have a dedicated content writing team that prepares high-end and a right amount of content for you. The team is also engaged in developing interesting videos to maximize customer engagement and grow your brand awareness as well.

Once articles, blogs, and video blogs get prepared, the content team starts to share it all on your social media page. That is not all. The team also prepares multiple pay-per-click campaigns that develop leads and gradually begins to engage the online audience.

However, there is one problem. The sooner your potential consumers decide to delve deep and research more on the brand; they come across negative online news and reviews. If your brand has a handful of negative or unfavorable views, then it doesn’t cause any harm. However, things go wrong when the negative reviews surpass the positive ones. It makes customers feel that your brand has nothing positive left to provide you. It is one issue that you need to get serious about.

According to the latest statistics, about 86% of customers go through online reviews before browsing through the website of an online brand or making a purchase.

As a new age brand, you need to know that making everyone happy is difficult. There will be unhappy customers who would voice out their negative thoughts. Just like happy customers will write a favorable review for you! However, when it comes to the negative reviews, here are two things that you can do. First and foremost, it is essential to respond to online reviews to resolve their impact.

Almost 90% of the customers go through the business responses. So, when they see that customer questions don’t get answered, they might not have a good idea about your company. Similarly, when you answer it will add to your online brand reputation.

Secondly, it’s a smart call to have a particular method in place for generating favorable online reviews for your brand. You will have customers who are satisfied with your service and have good experiences to share. You can always urge and gently request them to share their views on an ongoing basis. It will help first to balance the negative reviews and then altogether wash them out. Gradually, people will only get to read and remember the positive reviews.

Key Takeaway

Online reputation management is essential for your brand to grow and expand the business scopes! If you can avoid these three mistakes, you can manage your online reputation favorably.

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