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Why Small E-commerce Start-Up Business Need Organic SEO

Why Small E-commerce Start-Up Business Need Organic SEO

Have you finally spotted that promising E-commerce business for sale? Your journey as an entrepreneur just getting started. It is no doubt that you got lucky with the deal as digital entrepreneurship is the way to go. It is the only way you will be able to reach a vast audience within a short period. If you play your cards right, your brand is bound to get immense benefits for this.

It brings the topic Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is a familiar yet can be a confusing term. There is much out there about SEO that you might find a hard time trying to establish what it is. It is a process of affecting one’s visibility on the web; the more visible you are, the better for your business as it can be translated to more conversions and sales. In as much as you can pay in a bid to affect visibility, for a start-up e-commerce business, it is best if you worked with organic SEO, which results to as earned or unpaid traffic. Why is organic SEO emphasized for a start-up e-commerce business?

  1. Cost-effectiveness

As a start-up, you would want to minimize on expenses. Paid ads can be useful in driving traffic to your site. However, at this point, it is advisable that you did not work with that. It can be a little costly, and you may end up being frustrated especially if it does not give you instant results. The cost-per-click ads will have accumulated costs as opposed to organic pay-per-click. On top of saving costs for your budding business, you will also have an advantage over your competitor who is immersed in these costs.

  1. Competition

As aforementioned, organic SEO will go a long way in giving you an edge over your competitor. However, it is important to note that you will need to direct a lot of effort for you to get this advantage. If you do a good job, you will realize that your competitors will live under your shadow. Look at it this way; the higher your site ranks as a result of organic searches, the lower your competitors are pushed on the list. That way you become the customers’ first pick.

  1. Credibility

One of the primary reasons as to why organic traffic is emphasized especially for e-commerce start-up businesses is because it will give your business a level of reliability. Remember that you are still new to this business and your audience may not be familiar with you. You might want to consider building trust. There is an existing perception, whereby companies that use paid ads are supposed to be less credible to have a lower market presence. Employing organic SEO will go a long way in building your name as a brand.

  1. Organic SEO is a marketing asset

One thing about organic SEO is that a user has to go online and search. How does it become an asset for marketing your e-commerce business? Remember that with organic traffic you get customers who have an existing problem that they want to get a solution for. It gives you an excellent opportunity to study your audience. Know what they want, what their issues are, and the answers they are looking for and so on. It gives you what you need to do targeted marketing. Organic SEO will help you with market research and give you valuable insights.

  1. Regular traffic

You will need regular traffic for your site if you are to enjoy long-term engagement with your audience. What does that tell you? Regular traffic and engagement give you leeway for more leads and sales. Provided you work with relevant and strong keywords you will enjoy the benefits for a long time. Your e-commerce will always have new traffic and leads every other day. Give the users what they want, and you will not need paid ads to keep them coming for more.

It is possible for you to use a combined approach, both paid ads, and organic searches to get traffic to your site. However, do not forget that you cannot afford to ignore organic SEO. It is everything!

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  1. Great post. And if your business is looking to stay around for the long term SEO makes sense.

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