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Why Is Your Website Is Not Bringing In Customers?

Why Is Your Website Is Not Bringing In Customers

You might have many customers visiting your site, but it might not matter if they are not converting into your customers. The only visitors that matter are those that hit the bottom line of your conversion.  You may come up to a situation when you have much traffic, competitive products, and amazing offers yet do not have any paying customers. This is the point of trouble where you have to go through your web development elements and identify the areas that need attention.

So, how do you measure the success of a website? Through conversions? Probably, Yes!

A website is a lead generating machine that has the power to unlock the limitless potential of your company. When it comes to your website, there are other possible reasons why people don’t buy into your business. There can be many reasons why people won’t buy from you. Ask yourself the below questions and fix the most common traditional issues at first.

  • Is your product pricing adequate?
  • Are your product/services better or offer a greater value than your competitors?
  • Have you made any improvements in your product/service line in near time?

All the above questions have an impact on your website’s conversion, and you must pay attention to it at the very first.

Next, some other areas might be affecting your conversion rate.

Monitor the Conversion Rate

First things first identify the daily conversion rate. Websites conversions may differ from each other. Conversions can either be product purchases, signups, brochure downloads and this all can be tracked by setting goals in your Google Analytics account.

A Bad Mobile Experience

 A Bad Mobile Experience

The internet has changed, and the users can access the site in a thousand ways that could not have been imagined years back. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, there is no chance it will endure in these tech time. Developing a responsive website is a need, but that is not enough unless it is not mobile-responsive.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Besides having a mobile friendliness check on your website, an easy way to determine traffic is to check on Webmaster tools where you can go in searchtraffic > mobile Usability and you will see the errors that affect your site effectiveness, errors and how to fix them.

Is Your Website Mobile Responsive

Inappropriate Call To Action Buttons

 Inappropriate Call To Action Buttons

Unclear CTA’s will trade the opportunity of converting a user with switching the site. Your website could be user-friendly with fresh, engaging and quality content, but without a clear and concise call-to-action, you won’t get conversions.

The Content Area

Google welcomes fresh and good content whereas boring or stale content bounces back your customers. To attract prospective customers, continuously post fresh content which can be blog posts, fresh posts about your products or services, new testimonials, etc. A website that is not updated makes your customers less interested in your site whereas a site that updated at least once a week brings in more customers while also improve your SEO ranking.

Call to Action Buttons

A call-to-action is what you ask visitors to do on your website. Call to action buttons vary with what you do and your goals.   Likewise, if you are a custom website design company, CTA will most likely be something like,

  • Sign up today
  • Call us today
  • Get your project started
  • Get it started
  • Signup & Get started

Your calls-to-action to be very simple and very prominently displayed means the most likely places of all pages so the visitors can see it easily.

Build Your Brand

Build Your Brand

People are likely to buy your product or service if the quality of purchase matches or exceeds the quality of your brand identity. Build up your reputation by offering excellent services, and this will, in turn, get your, potential customers. Before that, you need to know your customers, the visitors on the website may not just click and buy the stuff. Identify your target market and their needs before you offer them your products or services.

Get Easy Conversion

Converting a visitor into a customer is not easy. The biggest challenges that websites face today while trying to retain customers is the user experience on the site.

Ask the below questions and identify if there are any changes to be done.

  • Is your web design breathing?
  • Does your website have a clear navigation path?
  • Are your CTA’s actionable?

Are Your Testimonials Prominent and Real?

Marketers are spending much time on just making their site pop and stand out while ignoring the areas that need attention. One relevant section is that of testimonials which are the best way to gain your customer’s attention and build your site’s credibility.

Complicated User Forms

One of the major conversion rate optimization mistake is wasting your user’s time. The users on your site are looking for handy and quick solutions but asking them to fill out lengthy and complicated forms will send visitors pack and leave your site at an instant.

Easy Tip:

Keep your forms precise and easy.  Just gather the essential information which is enough to get the visitor in your list and the remaining data can be taken later.

Improve Your Sites Loading Speed

Some complex elements often take longer to load, especially in older browser versions. Leaving your visitors staring at the loading site will make them switch to a quicker solution.

Fix it:

Test your page loading speed and eliminate the elements that are bogging down your speeds without providing any major benefit.

There can be quite a number of reasons why your website is not converting or does not seem relevant to your users. Identify the issues, streamline them and make more sales.

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